Hallo! Jeg heter Toki, en glede å møte deg! I'm the rhythm guitarists in de band Dethklok! I'd loves to make some friends, so come and say hallo!
M!A; none
(art by quhzk)

(Source: facesofdethklok)

(Source: facesofdethklok)



So, how ams you feelings, my little friends?

I feels pretty well, thanks for askings! I gots de weird tingles in my fingers though /he frowns/ 

How ams you, Skiwsgaar?

Brentor, Dartmoor National Park, Devon, England

Brentor, Dartmoor National Park, Devon, England

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this’ll probably get buried under all the DSR posts but I wanted to draw bb Toki and young Skwisgaar idk

sorry about my handwriting

yeah but skwistok


what a frickin’ nerd


what a frickin’ nerd

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I want you in dis band!

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hey you i like the band youre in



Hello! Thanks you, I’m glads that you like us! Dethklok ams hates you too!

ha ha ha thats funny
anywways youre the most attractivve member of the band in my opinion howw come you nevver get the spotlight
i mean you barely evven do anythin right

"I-" He frowns, "Ams that supposed to bes a compkliments or an insults?"